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LGBTQ Twitter Roasts Guy Who Tried To Reclaim The Rainbow


If you've never been, you must check out the Ark Encounter park in rural Kentucky. At the park you can learn about Jesus, creationism, denial of the dinosaurs, and also see what I believe is the gayest boat in the world:

Created by Ken Ham, the boat was built to mirror his interpretation of the Bible's description of Noah's ark, setting it at 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high. That's very big for a boat in a land-locked state. If you're unfamiliar with the story, Noah put two of every animal on his giant ark at God's urging. God subsequently sent a flood killing every other being on earth. After the floods cleared, God sent a rainbow as an apology, like, "My bad, won't kill everyone again, sorry!" That's humanity's covenant with God, and it's represented by the rainbow. You know what else the rainbow represents? Gay Pride, baby!

And as soon as Ham tweeted that photo of his ark lit up with a rainbow flag, people came out to thank him:

If you ask me, the ark at Ark Encounter looks super gay, and that makes it beautiful.