30 Historical Pictures That Show The World Used To Be A Much Creepier Place



Anytime you read about history, it always sounds like a creepy, terrifying place. Back then there was war, diseases, and dirt everywhere. Yes, I know we still have all of that stuff today. But it sounds like it was way worse back then. 

For example, nowadays you don't see people walking around in gas masks. But that was pretty normal back in the first half of the 20th century. People have stopped taking photographs of dead bodies for keepsakes because we realized it was easier to photograph living people. And Halloween is way less creepy than it used to be.

I know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but it used to really cross a line. You'll see what I mean below, and be grateful we are alive now.

1. This brought the value of the house way up!

2. This is art.

3. Don't want to run into the Milkwalker.

4. Looking good!

5. Oh look, it's the children of the corn.

6. One of us! One of us!

7. Remember when Halloween was scary?

8. Enjoy the "Greatest Show on Earth," kids!

9. Can you smell that fresh country air?

10. Don't tell Mom.

11. What?

12. Just normal non-magical ladies.

13. Hmm...

14. Who's ready to be sacrificed?

15. Can you believe our new school uniforms?

16. Who's that guy?

17. How about just the beard?

18. Family of ghosts.

19. How is this supposed to make her feel better?

20. What a cute couple.

21. You know there's a clown behind you, right?

22. He was a loving pet.

23. Wanna buy a dead body?

24. Come here, you!

25. Follow me to my gingerbread house!

26. No wonder those kids don't look into it.

27. I can't decided what the creepiest part of this is.

28. Who wants to be photographed with a dead body?

29. Huh.

30. Not the weirdest thing I've seen on public transportation.

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