26 Life Hacks You Will Wish You Learned Years Ago



In order to succeed at anything, you must fail several times first. That is a real bummer. Wouldn't it be so nice if we can skip ahead to the success?

Well, now you can! Here's how: We all have the ability to learn from others. From both their mistakes and their failures. And the Internet has given us the ability to learn these things like never before. 

Check out some of these life hacks good samaritans have decided to share with the world. 

1. How to find your best friend.

2. Wish I knew this back in art class.

3. Plus, now you have a fun decorative fork!

4. Now I gotta move so I try this!

5. Better than just having a pile at the bottom of your drawer.

6. Cool!

7. Hot take!

8. No one wants to see pictures of strangers.

9. I see nothing wrong with this.

10. Everything you want from a sandpit.

11. Will save your life if you don't die from embarrassment first.

12. Who would have thought water could make fire?

13. This will save you time.

14. How did no one think of this before?

15. Two tools are better than one.

16. Light shines the way.

17. Don't want to screw this up.

18. Also works outside of hospitals!

19. Now I just need to figure out what kind of foot I have.

20. Pay attention, thieves!

21. We all need to relearn this.

22. Has the added benefit of being highly amusing.

23. This ought to save you a few hundred bucks.

24. I mean, it works.

25. Cats strongly prefer this to a regular cardboard box.

26. You can finally learn morse code now!

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