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This Man Thinks He's Being Haunted By A Ghost Child With A Dented Head

By Jaime Lutz

It seems like everyone knows somebody who grew up in a living situation or encountered something that was out of  the realm of the ordinary. Whether they lived in a creepy house whose cabinets opened and shut in the middle of the night by themselves. Or maybe their furniture would be re-arranged while they were outside of the house or they'd hear strange noises in the middle of the night and hallucinate seeing family members walking down the stairs, even though they've been outside of the house for hours, there's always somebody with a crazy story that we convince ourselves has to be made up.

Because there's no way that ghosts and other spooky things like that exist, right? Or else we'd have some concrete evidence of it.

Illustrator Adam Ellis thinks he is being haunted by a murderous ghost. And after reading his Twitter thread about it, you might end up agreeing with him.