Twitter Can't Get Enough Of This Inflatable 'Trump Chicken' Near The White House



Right now, there's a giant inflatable chicken that looks suspiciously like Donald Trump angrily staring at the White House. This is the political reality that we live in. No other President in recent history, not even George W. Bush, had this level of trolling acted against them. And there are many who clearly believe that Trump deserves it.

Because of its prominent position, it's popping into a ton of presidential coverage. And why wouldn't it? The chicken looks exactly like Trump, down to the snarl and pompadour-esque golden hairstyle it's rocking.

The bizarre inflatable went up without explanation, but seeing as it shares an enormous likeness with of our nation's current president, albeit in chicken form, people wanted to know what was up with it. I mean wouldn't you want to know what's up with a giant chicken outside of the house that the leader of the free world lives in? Come on.

Turns out this glorious, golden-haired bird is a protest of the president. I don't know anyone who would be surprised by that, unless Donald Trump thinks being likened to a chicken a good thing. I know the guy eats a lot of KFC, but, come on, we all know it's an insult.

It was seen as a confusing choice to some: Why a chicken?

But once Taran Singh Brar, the man who organized the protest explained the significance of his $1,300, giant Trump-Bird, it was a pretty obvious protest symbol.

Brar is a filmmaker, who foot the bill for the chicken protest who wants the president to fulfill his posturing as a real-life tough guy.

Supposedly, this isn't the first time Trump Chicken's left his coop.

Trump's approval rating may be suffering...

...but his chicken-counterpart is pulling in some impressive numbers.

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