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Twitter Wrote An Entire Movie In The Replies To A Tweet About Lions



What happens when all of Twitter can relate with a lion being mauled by his girlfriend? Apparently, Twitter comes together to write a movie. It all started with this tweet by the Daily Mail, featuring photos of two lionesses attacking a lion who had returned to the pride after a long time away. He definitely wasn't cheating on his girl or anything. 

Ona Basimane, who took the photos, told Daily Mail:

"He had always been welcome but on this occasion, it was clear he was not going to get a hug and a kiss after a long disappearance."
"As soon as the females caught sight of his mane coming through the brush it was tooth and nail. We watched as the females charged at him and bowled him over with slaps. The roars added to the intensity of the atmosphere." 
"He eventually got up and ran for his life and the females were definitely happy with the punishment they dished out. One of the females even ended up with some lacerations on her ear." 
"It was an incredible experience to witness, especially as it took place very close to our vehicle. Did he have some lipstick on his collar, maybe?"

Twitter users thought the photo was hilarious, and decided to try and write a movie based on the image...

Yes, they wrote the sequel too, so you can check that out if you want. Other Twitter users also seemed to know what was up...

Let's have a moment of silence for this lion's manhood...err, I mean lionhood.

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