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Anna Kendrick Throws Shade At People Who Take Photos Of Eclipses



Well, the great eclipse is over, and it won't be back for...what? Seven years? That's it?! What was the big freaking deal!?

As you know, on Monday parts of the United States experienced a total eclipse. The sun was completely blocked by the moon, casting an eerie unnatural darkness over the land and inspiring people everywhere to wear goofy glasses and stare into the sun. Since this is 2017, you better believe that everyone was trying to document the moment for Instagram, and at least one person is rolling her eyes at the solar eclipse posts:

Anna Kendrick is not here for your bad eclipse photos, and I definitely get what she's talking about:

But no need to rain on everyone's parade. After all, other celebrities were enjoying it:

Some maybe too much! These series of posts from Sarah Jessica Parker about watching the eclipse from a boat get increasingly hysterical and hilarious if you need a palate cleanser from Anna Kendrick's eclipse cynicism:

You know what? The photos may be bad, but the feelings are real!

Also, Anna Kendrick, remember this:

Maybe all of the people who actually enjoy taking their bad photos of eclipses on Instagram can band together and start roasting Kendrick for the fact that she was objectively the worst part of that sometimes-good-sometimes-awful cop movie End of Watch. Sorry, you singing in the car with Jakey isn't charming or endearing.

But yes, she totally does have a point about people posting photos or videos of the eclipse online. We could also include live concert performances on this list or videos and pictures of fireworks on the 4th of July online as well. No one wants to see them, heck, even you don't want to see them so why take them? Awful.

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