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Source: Getty

Taylor Swift Posts Strange Video Of A Snake, And People Are Losing It

By Aimee Lutkin

In 2016, a feud erupted between Taylor Swift and Kanye West, who had shared a seemingly friendly relationship since he infamously interrupted her award speech to at the Video Music Awards to defend BeyoncΓ©'s honor. On his album "The Life of Pablo," West called Swift a "bitch" and also referred to them having sex. 

Swift then implied that she took issue with West's words in a series of speeches and statementsβ€”that was, until Kim Kardashian released video on Snapchat of Swift and West talking on the phone in which it sounds like Swift is giving her enthusiastic permission. 

She was dubbed a "snake," and the snake emoji is such a stand in for Taylor Swift's name on the Internet that Instagram basically figured out a way to just block emojis for her. Doesn't stop people from using them though: