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Trump Looked At The Sky During The Solar Eclipse And The Memes Are Relentless



During yesterday's solar eclipse, Donald Trump walked out onto the White House balcony with his wife, Melania, and son, Barron, to check it out. As was widely spread, it's recommended that you only view the eclipse if you have the appropriate protective eyewear. Which is why people positively freaked out when President Trump looked up at the sky, seemingly at the sun, without protection.

When you think of ballsy Presidential moves, Ronald Reagan's meeting with Gorbachev comes to mind, when the former President went outside in the winter without a coat to greet the Russian leader. It was a tactical move Reagan and his team knew would be watched by the people of Russia very closely, especially since Gorbachev emerged from his vehicle wearing a coat himself.

There's at least one analyst who believes that Trump's decision to potentially put his vision on the line by looking directly at the sky during the eclipse was a move as monumental as Regan's no-coat gesture. But for most people, it was an idiotic move deserving of ridicule.

Even though people told him not to look.

Including, allegedly, his own family.

So the memes started rolling in.

There were puns.

'80s song references.

Just jokes of all kinds.

In my opinion, the best burn of Trump regarding the eclipse has to come from Madeleine Albright.

Savage, but then again, the dude kind of deserves it. I mean, what if other people, or kids who might look up to him do the same thing. Well, at least he disproved my long-time fear of what I thought happens when you look directly into an eclipse: that your eyes will burst into flames while you helplessly run around begging people to end your misery.

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