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Man Trolls Police For Taking Part In Gay Pride—And It Immediately Backfired



Wales held their annual Pride weekend, Pride Cymru, over the weekend. Thousands attended the events in Cardiff, which featured a faith tent for the first time, with people from different religious backgrounds celebrating their place in the LGBTQ community. Worship was also led by a bishop for the first time. 

Among the more than 100 organizations that took part in the parade was the Wales Air Ambulance, who sent their mascot to join the events alongside the mascot of South Wales Police. 

Police officer Rich Lewis took to Twitter to share a photo of the two. Take a gander at this adorable little number. Sure, giant stuffed mascots are generally a bit terrifying, but this is super cute.

But not everyone was impressed. Like this guy who thought it'd be a good idea to try and troll a police department by asking them if they thought their resources could've been better spent elsewhere. Guess he wasn't happy with his tax dollars going to giant floofy costumes.

But that's when the Wales Air Ambulance decided to reply with the obvious...

You can feel the heat from that burn from miles away. And most of Twitter could feel the burn, too. Seriously, someone get this guy some ointment and instruct him to keep off of it for at least a week.

The hits just kept on coming for the hapless individual who just had to go and open his mouth. In a way, I can kind of understand why he decided to come after a police department online. They're supposed to be defenders of the public, a bastion of justice and professionalism.

The trouble is though, that there are individuals manning these twitter accounts. Individuals with opinions. Individuals who would love nothing more than to shut a troll up online if they've got the perfect opportunity to do so. And the Wales Air Ambulance saw their shot and took it without mercy.

I also don't know what it is about public offices and government Twitter accounts taking a dump on trolls that's so satisfying. Maybe it's because we don't expect it? Or maybe in this particular instance it's because a cute mascot helicopter with a vacant expression seems to be the one doling out the burns like they're free condoms at the VD clinic. I don't know.

All I know is that it was perfect and I love it.

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