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These Professional Work Email Clap-Backs Are Savage AF



If humans lived by the laws of the jungle, life would be a lot more difficult but also a lot more satisfying. How so? Well think about all the rules you have to put up with in certain social scenarios. Like being out to dinner with your friends and that one person who everyone knows is a liar and keeps telling tall tales. Imagine how much fun it would be to just tell them to stop fibbing and shut up right over your plate of fettuccine alfredo?Β 

Legal proceedings would probably be a lot more straightforward if we lived by the laws of the jungle, too. Think about how much simpler frivolous corporate and patent lawsuit cases would be if the judge made corporate executives battle it out to see whoever wants it more.

OK maybe that's an extreme-case scenario, but who hasn't felt the urge to go verbally savage on someone like a coworker or boss who stinks, but can't, because of professional work constructs? Well you still can, you just have to be clever like these workplace savages.

So when @DeeRene_ kicked a Twitter thread off of professional clapbacks, people were really excited to jump in. Like this employee who always saves her emails.

And another who uses their own secret language to mask his true feelings.

They're so professional, and yet, manage to say what you really want to say in frustrating situations.

Or what about this classic?

Translation: "It's simple, you idiot..."

There are even ways to insinuate that people aren't good at their jobs.

I mean, they're just so sassy.

Will you be using any of these any time soon?

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