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Source: twitter

Taylor Swift Music Video Director Shames The Public’s Sexist Double-Standard


When Taylor Swift dropped her latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do" off her newest album, people were taken aback by her dramatic attempt at rebranding herself.

Turns out they weren't fans, and didn't shy from social media to let others know how they felt about it.

The criticism seemingly centered around a common theme: People just want her to "shut up" and don't want to hear her sing about her "petty personal drama." Which is pretty much what every single song ever is about, in one way or another.

The director of the "Look What You Made Me Do" video, Joseph Kahn, spoke out against the criticism saying it was uncalled for and sexist.

Those who weren't critiquing Swift agreed with Kahn and wanted to know why people had such a gripe with her writing and singing about her exes.

Kahn's tweet resonated with a lot of people online. 

What do you think of Taylor's rebranding effort? Is it affected and ingenuine? Or do you think people just aren't as forgiving of female artists as they are of male ones?