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Source: Instagram

This Artist Will Turn You Into The Perfect Cartoon Version Of Yourself


It's hard to peg down what makes cartoons so fascinating to children. Maybe it's because deep down inside they know that the real world isn't all that exciting and what adults do on a daily basis is pretty mundane, which may be why they're constantly running to the fun and colorful world of fantasy and make believe for some relief from the drudge of human existence which isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Which could probably explain why there are so many people who are excited about the prospect of seeing themselves as a cartoon.

Lance Phan is a digital 3D artist who creates incredibly detailed portraits based on people's favorite photos of themselves. And he does it on commission, so if you want one, you can order a version of yourself that should be wandering through a Pixar cartoon on his website. It does cost around $200, but the amount of work that goes into Phan's artistry takes time, as you can see in this short video he made about his process, this dude works for his money:

Character expression

A character based on Natalie's design. I've never done a full blown face rig before so this face alone took me a whole week of research and experiment, hopefully the next character will be faster.

Posted by Lance Phan on Friday, July 21, 2017