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Girl Posts Cheating Guy's Conversation To Snapchat And People Lost Their Minds

Girl Posts Cheating Guy's Conversation To Snapchat And People Lost Their Minds
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9 months ago

If you're a young whippersnapper who's spent some time on a college campus recently, you may have noticed that some universities have public Snapchat channels where students upload photos and videos of campus life.

It's a brilliant way for the university to develop a sense of community among its students, while simultaneously getting free exposure and PR, granted some students don't idiotically post footage of their binge drinking fests.

But one student decided to out an apparently would-be cheater to the Ohio State Buckeyes public Snapchat by posting a screencap of her conversation with a scholar by the name of AJ.

Because human beings are naturally drawn to scandal and drama, the post blew up and every AJ on the ATI campus started freaking out.

But someone put a stop to the panicked witch hunt so the offending AJ in question was revealed, and any other AJ in a relationship would be safe and sound.

Other AJs chimed in and voiced their concerns.

Ultimately, the original sender of the text acquiesced (we blocked out his name here though).

They immediately found the AJ who was trying to cheat on social media. Lo and behold, he wasn't very subtle about having a girlfriend.

Every new post was a revelation.

Others just felt bad for his girlfriend.

But then, of course, the jokes started rolling it. 

Hashtags were started.

Others were straight savage.

And then there were the memes.

Everyone, just everyone, went in on bashing him.

All of the snaps were compiled in this epic Imgur post. I wouldn't want to be AJ when his girlfriend catches wind of this.

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