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People Just Learned The Story Behind The Michael Jackson 'I Love This So Much' Meme



There are some memes that have been floating around for so long, they've just grafted onto your brain without you knowing it. One of those memes that you probably haven't though too much about is the gif of Michael Jackson murmuring, "I love this song!" with a look of adoration. Everyone loves posting it to anything about a song...if they love the song. 

Twitter user @Chuuzus has lifted the curtain on this wonderful meme to show us all what song Jackson loved, and it's honestly surprising:

Shaggy? "It Wasn't Me?" Really?! You know what, that song is a bop. Just the same, people were shocked:

Except for the people who love to ruin it and say they already knew this:

Suuuuuure, you already knew. We all did. And we also love this song, MJ!

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