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Source: iStock

People Are Fighting Each Other Passionately Over Candy Corn

By Aimee Lutkin

Happy Halloween season, everyone! The air is crisp, pumpkins are lining doorsteps, and children are running wild through the candy aisle of your local CVS. There's a mini-candy for every tastebud, but one holiday staple remains as contentious as ever.

Welcome to the Great Candy Corn Debate of 2017, right on time:

It's hard to explain why, but candy corn brings out a lot of anger, confusion, and despair in the hearts of people who don't like it. And every year, they fight about it on Twitter. Not sure what people did before Twitter. Maybe they just suffered in silence, thinking they were the only ones who hated the faux sugar corn. But here they are, expressing all their ire on social media: