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Source: twitter

Woman Shares Weight Lifter's Insane Response To Hilarious Joke She Made


Earlier this week, Twitter user Allie Rose received a Snapchat video from a guy working out at the gym, who was wearing camouflage pants. So she made this joke... 

Source: twitter

Get it? Because of the camouflage? It's somewhat predictable, but also pretty hilarious. Workout guy didn't seem to get it, though. Here was his response... "Really? That's funny because I [won] the powerlifting squad competition two years in a row, the second 24-year-old to ever squat over 500. So I'm not really sure what you're meaning," he wrote back. "My legs are 18 inches around, I think you're blind you f--king idiot." Rather than taking the bait and getting offended, she explained her truly innocent comment, simply stating, "I was making a camo joke..." You know, because camo makes things ~disappear~.