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Source: instagram

Pixellated Makeup Is The New Look That Arrived Just In Time For Halloween


Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume is a bit stressful. Well for me, it's not actually coming up with the idea that's the issue. Every year I want to go as the Macho Man Randy Savage. And if you have the gall to ask me why, just take a gander at this beauty below and you'll have your answer.

But I always put off buying materials for my costume or take the time to put an appropriate one together and then, before I know it, it's the night before Halloween and I'm scrounging through my house to see what I could put together. Do I get my Acapulco shirt and aviators and just go as Hunter S. Thompson, again? Or do I just write a witty, trending thing from the news on a T-shirt and go with that? 

Well, if you turn to the internet and want some last-minute Halloween costume ideas, there are plenty of good ones for you to steal. And if you're somewhat of a cosmetics fiend, well, you might want to check out this pixellated makeup trend that basically turns you into a real life video game character.