People Are Suddenly Obsessed With This Random Game Starring A Goose


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:13 p.m. ET

The Internet is desperate for good news right now, and one little video game about a horrible goose is what they're hanging all their hopes on. A company named House House released a trailer for their Untitled Goose Game that is so goofy and sweet, you will instantly want to play:

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He's poking the farmer in the butt! He's stealing his keys! He's grabbing that sandwich! And the best part is, players get to be the goose. YOU are the horrible, horrible goose. 

There are even more goose-y antics in the extended trailer:

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It's very funny that with all the work and artistry poured into video games, many of them centering on violence and dystopia, people are going wild for Untitled Goose Game. It looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint. But it has heart:

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I'm gonna steal that console like a goose snatching an old man's keys. It's a beautiful day in the village, isn't it?

Nico Disseldorp, the co-designer and programmer of the Untitled Goose Game, told Red Bull why the team picked a goose as the game's main character:

”Geese are weird,“ he explains. “For some reason everyone has decided that they’re bad animals. Not because they’re dangerous or anything – they’re somehow socially bad. Only ever a nuisance, but a very bad nuisance."
"The game's current structure is that it's a physically small space and you have a list of goals. I think we've taken inspiration from games like Tony Hawk there. It's fun to just muck around as the goose and see what happens, but the goals are there to nudge people towards some larger interactions and challenges. We want people to feel very free to just play around and see what happens. As for more characters, we've been working on some things along that line, but aren't really ready to talk about it too much right now."
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