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Twitter Figured Out The Real Uses Of Those Random Handles In Cars



We all know that the plastic handles in cars are used for hanging laundry, or maybe dangling extra air fresheners when your bro's forgotten tupperware in the trunk cracks open after you take a sharp turn and the remnants of his tuna salad finally pollute your entire vehicle with its biting aroma.

But are those the intended uses of the handles? I may have used my mom's electric griddle top as the GI Joe hell dimension, but that thing was designed to cook breakfast in a jiffy, not teach cobra commander a valuable lesson in face melting.

So why in the heck were these car handles created in the first place? Are you going to turn the car inside out and lug it around town like a purse?

Twitter just had to know, so people started putting forth interesting theories. 

Others used it as a chance to reference their favorite '80s film.

Some of the explanations were just plain weird.

Someone presented a rather mundane, if not entirely sensible response.

But that's no fun. No, after much collective deliberation, Twitter decided that it's the "mom over-exaggerating handle" or the "holy s*** handle." And it looks like they've got a point.

Some people had other uses for them, though. 

This user came up with a pretty bizarre use for it. 

So we're in agreement about the true purpose now, correct?

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