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People Are Roasting Gigi Hadid's Sister For Her Awful Attempt At Sounding 'Street'



You've heard of Bella Hadid, right? Sister of professional hot person Gigi Hadid?

Bella's a model in her own right, so naturally she's expected to be somewhat of a fashion authority. She recently met up with Complex to talk about sneaker shopping. It was a completely normal premise for a segment - model talks about what she looks for in a sneaker, maybe she makes some jokes, cut, and put it up on YouTube.

But viewers who watched the bit noticed that Bella was trying very, very hard to sound "street".

It was painfully obvious.

The one phrase that egregiously stood out from the others was "homeboy's gonna get it".

It instantly became a meme.

And like most memes, the original joke was lost to give birth to a superior one.

In this case? Quirky footwear decisions.

Things just got more and more insane.

Yes that is a chihuahua standing on cheeseburgers.

There's a method to meme madness, and tracking the progress of this one is a true journey with surprisingly meaningful commentary on what makes a potentially healthy relationship.

It could really be used by anyone. For anything.

People are already declaring it a classic meme.

But some people didn't forget the cringeworthy circumstances responsible for birthing such a meme.

Never forget.

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