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Source: Twitter

Guy Tries To Mansplain Indiana Jones Costume To The Actual Costume Designer


There's a very long and well-documented history of mansplaining on the internet, and it doesn't look like the phenomenon is dying down anytime soon.

Although men condescendingly explain things to women in every field, I find that mansplaining is usually dominant in "nerd" related circles. God forbid a woman enters a conversation about comic books characters, or Star Wars, or in this case, Indiana Jones.

Which is what happened to Twitter user @uptomyknees, (Max Landis, IRL) when he saw some dude trying to mansplain to his mom the original inspiration behind Indiana Jones costume design. The trouble is, his mom was the costume designer behind Indiana Jones, so, you know, she would kind of know what inspired his design... As she was the one to design it, right?