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This Woman's 'Aunt Jemima' Blackface Costume Is Horrifying Twitter



Blackface is literally never a good idea. Ever. It's shocking that anyone needs to hear it but it seems like it has to be said over and over. There's always some person who thinks they can pull it off -- guess what? You can't.

But, time and again, during Halloween, there will always be someone who thinks it's a good idea to parade themselves around in blackface as part of their costume to celebrate the holiday. Not only is it offensive, you'd basically going to set yourself up for the rest of your life.

Because this is 2017 and everything eventually ends up on the internet, it's probably best to just leave blackface costumes alone. Apparently this one woman didn't get the memo, however, and thought it'd be funny to flaunt her blackface Aunt Jemima costume. Like seriously? How could she have even remotely considered this a good idea. See the disaster below:

Source: twitter

What's worse is that a bunch of people responded positively to the costume that was uploaded by the woman's friend. How could they also not realize how bad it was?

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

People were shocked at how open she was about sharing the photos, and the fact that her friend thought this was a perfectly acceptable Halloween costume.

And then a flood of "white people" jokes started coming in.

Mostly though, people were just dumbfounded by her friend's lack of foresight in posting the pics online.

Once people started messaging the woman who posted photos of her friend's blackface costume, she became defensive and apparently took them down.

But screenshots last forever, and when it comes to things that are deemed offensive and culturally insensitive, you can believe people aren't going to let this go.

What did you think of the costume?

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