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Source: Facebook

Photographer's 'Dudeoir' Fall Photoshoot Is Everything We Need Right Now

By Aimee Lutkin

Photographer Gayla Thompson has been collaborating with her husband Ryan Thompson on some sexy boudoir photoshoots for awhile, but because Ryan is the subject, they call them dudeoir photos.  Because he's a dude, get it? The images are so funny and great that Thompson decided to offer the Internet a fall themed dudeoir set, and boy, did this couple deliver.

Thompson spoke with Mashable, saying that at first she was the one who suggested pumpkins, but once her husband picked up the gourds, he couldn't set them down.

"They were all my idea but once we got started on them all he just freaking ROCKED it!" Thompson said. "There was no direction given. Just taking pictures of him doing his thing."