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Source: twitter

Girl Posts Selfie With Her Friend Passed Out Naked In The Background And Gets Roasted


If there's anything we've learned in the past, it's that you really need to check the background of your selfies before you post them. Like seriously. It's 2017, people should know anything on the Internet is likely to stay there forever. How many times have we seen someone forget mirrors have reflections? Or that if you take a picture of your TV, there's a large chance it'll have a reflection of you so wear some dang clothes. There's always the chance of something lurking behind in the background, whether it's something totally inappropriate or just embarrassing. 

It happens to the best of us though. Especially when there's alcohol involved. It tends to lead to a lot of really regretful pictures we just hope never end up on Facebook. It's sort of an unspoken rule among friends that you don't tag them in bad photos, but even better you don't post those photos on social media to begin with.

One Twitter user recently decided to share a few selfies she took on a crazy night out. The problem? She didn't seem to realize that her best friend was passed out drunk in the background, and to top things off, she wasn't wearing any pants. Talk about a big yikes. Instead of taking care of her poor friend, she was more interested in vanity apparently. We're a bit surprised she didn't think to even check her background before posting but here we are anyway: