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Ellen Gets Blasted For 'Sexualizing' Katy Perry, But Twitter Disagrees

Ellen Gets Blasted For 'Sexualizing' Katy Perry, But Twitter Disagrees
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8 months ago

When you think of lovable TV show hosts, you probably think of Marc Summers from Double Dare.

Or, if you're not a loser like me, you probably think of Ellen. She's pretty much the most beloved, happy-go-lucky personalities on TV, and she's a hell of a precious human being. Just look at how overjoyed she is receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama.

But there are some people on Twitter who are trying to point out that Ellen's guilty of the same predatory and dehumanizing behavior as Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein.

A lot of self-proclaimed conservative Twitter users seemed to find the photo the most outrageous. Maybe because they want to make a loud and proud gay liberal like Ellen DeGeneres look bad.

People really wanted to vilify her and started pointing out other examples of stars 'harassing' other stars.

Others spoke out that there is a clear difference between Ellen's behavior and Harvey Weinstein's. 

What do you think? Was Ellen 'sexualizing' Katy Perry and demeaning her? Or are people just trying to foment outrage over a joke between friends?

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