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Source: getty

Ellen Gets Blasted For 'Sexualizing' Katy Perry, But Twitter Disagrees


When you think of lovable TV show hosts, you probably think of Marc Summers from Double Dare. It pretty much defined many of our childhoods. 

Or, if you're not a loser like me, you probably think of Ellen. She's pretty much the most beloved, happy-go-lucky personalities on TV, and she's a hecck of a precious human being. Just look at how overjoyed she is receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama. She's clearly overwhelmed with emotions.

But the start has been at it for years. Before taking the reigns of her current show, Ellen was a mainstay from just about everything. From her own ride at Disney's Epcot Resort to hosting many fun gigs like hosting the Academy awards. (twice!)

Source: getty