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Source: istock

Judge Orders Man To Write 144 Nice Things About His Ex-Girlfriend


Domestic violence is a serious issue that people are not taking lightly in today's world. For good reason -- it's a major problem among couples that often goes unreported. However, when there is a report you expect law enforcement to act according with the proper punishments. 

Maui Second Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo has ordered 30-year-old Daren Young to write 144 nice things about his ex-girlfriend after he violated her protection order that was spurred for a domestic dispute. Big yikes.

The woman sought a protection order after the two separated, which was issued Feb. 22, but two months later, Young called and texted her 144 times within a three-hour period, police said. It's a typical behavior for the spurned to attempt to 'reconcile' in these situations and probably one of the biggest factors to why reports don't happen.

Young was accused of saying “nasty things” in calls and text messages to the woman. Now, he has to write one "nice thing" for every "nasty thing" he sent her. A creative slant on the violation but likely to have little effect.