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Wife Discovers Mid-Flight Her Husband Is 'Cheating,' Gets So Angry She Diverts The Plane

Wife Discovers Mid-Flight Her Husband Is 'Cheating,' Gets So Angry She Diverts The Plane
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7 months ago

Modern romance is tricky. With all of the rapid technological advancements at our fingertips, attempting to cheat is just a DM away. Hell, everyone's trying to slide into everybody else's DMs these days, even unstoppable athletes who are on top of the world.

But as easy as it is to cheat nowadays, it's even easier to get caught because, you know, there's such a thing as a paper trail. Not only that, but if you get caught hitting on someone while you're already spoken for and that person isn't too keen on hooking up with cheaters, then there's this little thing called a screenshot. 

Now with the magic of Photoshop, there are tons of things that can be faked these days, especially messages, but there probably aren't many people who would go around trying to ruin perfectly good relationships.

But if you don't trust your significant other, like this couple on a flight from Doha to Bali, then one of them is going to find a creative way to get into your cell phone and see if you're engaging in some extracurricular relationship activities. Which is exactly what this woman did.

While her husband was asleep, she used his finger to unlock his cell phone and go through his messages. Once she found the damning evidence of his affair, the woman reportedly began to beat the bejesus out of the man.

The flight's cabin crew did their best to calm the situation down, but the man's (understandably) angry wife wouldn't stop hitting him and causing a ruckus, which was so distressing that the pilot decided to land the flight in Chennai, India, a completely unscheduled stop.

(Note: the above GIF is a dramatic reenactment of what I personally believe occurred on the plane and not actual footage.)

The family of three were escorted off of the flight and spent the day at the Chennai airport while their original flight resumed its journey. 

The wife, child, and husband were sent on a plane to Kuala Lampur, which must've been an awkward as heck journey. Hopefully, they sat in separate rows. 

(h/t inquirer)

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