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Source: twitter

Everyone Is Horrified By This 6’5 Teddy Bear With Massive Legs


There are tens of thousands of products on Amazon. So some are bound to get a little weird. You can pretty much find anything on there. Want a giant drum of lubricant? They sell a 200 gallon drum that should meet all your needs. Decide you need a lifetime supply of gummy bears? They've got those two -- in the form for a 200 pound bag. Or if you're more modest, try out the 2lb single gummy bear. Certainly the perfect gift. So it's not secret Amazon can get a little weird. You even have to be careful what you buy cause looks can be deceiving. You should read the descriptions on all amazon products very, very carefully or you may end up regretting your online purchase.

Like this Twitter user who was recently browsing the site when they noticed a massive 6.5 foot teddy bear for a pretty reasonable $109.99. Seems like the perfect gift right? Probably everyone who bought it was either a dad who wanted to impress his daughter in front of his ex-wife or a newly romantic love-struck dude who wanted to go above and beyond for his 2 week girlfriend. It seems like it's always that type of guy who is actually buying the giant teddy bears. This bear looked like the perfect candidate for one of those...

Except there was something slightly off about the bear when they took a look at the reviews...