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Guy Rates All The Different Types Of Foxes And It’s A Must-Read On Twitter



What do you do when you're facing a restless night? Watch television? Get some work done? Well, if you're Twitter user Colin Carlson, you spend the night rating all the different kinds of foxes. Which there are a lot of, by the way. 

In fact, there are over 12 species of "true foxes" with almost 50 recognized subspecies. So it's a lot of different type of foxes to choose from. They also live just about every where. From cold climates to sandy deserts, you can probably find some cute version of a fluffy fox.

So when Carlson set out to rate them all, we weren't prepared for the dedication this guy had toward foxes. He spared very little details and gave us a pretty accurate ranking of these guys.

It all started with the red fox, a classic in the fox world. The one we all know from the stories. Little red riding hood. Fox and the hound. You know the typical chicken stealing fox you see plastered on ads and campaigns. It's a good starting point for us to set the bar for which are the best of the best when it comes to these cuties.

And it immediately moved into the realm of weird foxes. We're talking super weird. Some of these guys will actually make you scratch your head. You could even just now learned they exist (admittedly we didn't know almost half of these on this portion of the list) So enjoy this knowledge on the weird sector of the fox world. 

This stuff is required reading. Give this guy a degree in Foxes.

Well, that was the best thing we've ever read. Which furry friend was your favorite? We still think we like the classic red the best. 

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