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Source: Creative Commons

Guy Rates All The Different Types Of Foxes And It’s A Must-Read On Twitter

By Mark Pygas

What do you do when you're facing a restless night? Watch television? Get some work done? Well, if you're Twitter user Colin Carlson, you spend the night rating all the different kinds of foxes. Which there are a lot of, by the way. 

In fact, there are over 12 species of "true foxes" with almost 50 recognized subspecies. So it's a lot of different type of foxes to choose from. They also live just about every where. From cold climates to sandy deserts, you can probably find some cute version of a fluffy fox.

So when Carlson set out to rate them all, we weren't prepared for the dedication this guy had toward foxes. He spared very little details and gave us a pretty accurate ranking of these guys.