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Source: Twitter

Young Dumbledore Is Looking Good In 'Fantastic Beasts' And People Are Not Chill About It


Though it won't premiere for an entire year, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is already throwing out teasers to get everyone super excited about seeing some of their favorites on the big screen. It's a whole new chapter that comes before our favorite Harry Potter story so you can expect to see some familiar faces. Except their favorites are being played by brand new actors cause well, they're younger, which means fans of the Harry Potter franchise have to quickly adjust how they've been envisioning these characters. And there was one thing people weren't prepared for. 

Dumbledore is hot now. Like he's seriously a good looking wizard when he was a youngin. The Internet can't seem to get over just how good this man looks in the trailer:

I mean, he's played by Jude Law, who has that face. The hot one. It's a bit uncomfortable to see someone you're used to thinking of as a grandpa suddenly look like a truly fantastic beast, but we all have to come to terms with it. It's a stark contrast to the wise old grandpa-like wizard we'd become accustom to in the Harry Potter books and movies but it makes sense, everyone is young once. And to be that awesome as an old man means he was probably a pretty cool guy prior to that.

Though it doesn't seem like Twitter can: