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27 Wholesome Memes To Make You Feel Better About The World

27 Wholesome Memes To Make You Feel Better About The World
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Updated 7 months ago

The world is a dark, scary place, and most importantly, it is a bummer. I don't know how much of it is awful, but if I had to guess, I'd say somewhere between most and all of it. 

Fortunately there is is a cure the bummer that is existing. Memes. Specifically, wholesome memes. 

Unlike most memes which just kind of highlight how unfortunate life is, these memes serve as a lesson that not everything is so bad. Just most of it, and you know what? That's good enough. 

1. So cozy!
2. The hero we need.
3. All hail the glory of the unicycle.
4. Sounds like a sweet gig.
5. Siblings are dope.
6. You'd understand if you were there too.
7. A very good start.
8. The perfect gift!
9. It is just one day out of many.
10. You did it!
11. That dog has your back.
12. Hey. Nice haircut.
13. This dog knows what people like.
14. That'd cheer me up too.
15. Ahh...
16. Hell's Angels indeed.
17. We just want to help you.
18. Yay, police!
19. I give this review five stars.
20. What goes around, comes around.
21. Everyone is so happy!
22. See? This is why you should help people.
23. Way to go, Grandma!
24. Hard work pays off.
25. Best coach ever.
26. Always make friends with the quiet kid.
27. I think that cat's pretty happy too.
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