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Source: YouTube

Male Praying Mantis Continues Having Sex After Getting Decapitated--And We're Enthralled


The Praying mantis is a super freaky looking bug with some very interesting sexual predilections. For instance, cannibalism. They're pretty savage when it comes to the post-coitus interactions with their mates.

Some female Mantis species bite the head off the male Mantis after he deposits his sperm in her. It's to give the female enough energy to continue on and ensure she is healthy enough to lay her eggs. It's actually a fairly important thing because mating is a large use of energy, the female really doesn't have time to hunt to recoup it either, so she goes for the next closest thing. Cause after all once the male has mated, what use is he? He's gone through the entire cycle of life and has basically reached the end goal for his species. It's his one last act of servitude to give her his energy after he's mated with her.

After is the important part to remember while watching this video from YouTube channel Deep Impact. At about the three minute 30 second mark, you will witness a male mantis getting its head bite off—and still being DTF afterwards. It's quite the show and he's truly the dedicated partner. I'm sure his children will appreciate his ultimate sacrifice. All one thousand of them. 

As you can see, he has no head. Yet he persists.