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Dad Freaks Out After Finding 'Disgusting Toy' In Daughter's Room, Hilarious Texts Follow

Dad Freaks Out After Finding 'Disgusting Toy' In Daughter's Room, Hilarious Texts Follow
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Updated 6 months ago

If there was a way to convert awkward conversation into a form of energy, then we could probably power the entire world for a thousand years from harvesting the essence of one sex talk between a daughter and her dad.

Even more awkward is when the "sex talk" is about pleasuring yourself.

And even more awkward than that is when the conversation was a complete misunderstanding. Because then, there's nothing to learn from it. No new horizons have been expanded. It was just a human error that made everyone feel weird and uncomfortable. Which is exactly what happened with Twitter user, Emily, when her father went into her room and found a power bank.

The problem is, he mistook the portable battery for a vibrator. (Don't you hate when that happens?)

I know, I know. What's even worse is that he texted her about it. (Don't you really hate when that happens?)

People had so many questions, like, for one, did Dad ever find the precious chapstick that led him to this accidentally horrifying, but not really all that horrifying, discovery?

Others wanted to know why her dad wanted to use her chapstick in the first place. Like, didn't he have his own? Or does his daughter invest in the really, really good stuff?

To which Emily responded appropriately.

But back to the topic at hand: personal pleasure devices. Twitter had a lot of opinions on them and whether or not it was gross her dad even brought the subject up to his daughter.

Other people thought his story just didn't add up. Why would he go scrounging through her room in the first place looking for lip balm one second, and then turn around and say that she was leaving her "toy" out in the open?

While others thought the entire conversation was fabricated.

Other people started sharing their own embarrassing accidental "toy" discovery stories.

There was also confusion as to why in the heck dad would think she ordered her vibrator from Spencer's of all places.

It wasn't long before people started clamoring for her mom's opinion in the matter. As if the conversation wasn't awkward enough.

If you follow  the thread, there were tons of people who were arguing back and forth whether or not it was normal for parents to discuss self-pleasure with their kids. Of course, as healthy adults, there shouldn't be any topic that is off the table. If you want to discuss things calmly and logically, then what's stopping you from doing so?

On the other hand though, it involves talking about your naughty bits with you parents which is gross. Yuck, shiver, shudder, get away from me with that.

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