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Adam Driver Had To Ask Interviewer What 'Emo' Means, And Twitter Is Not Okay



Finally, finally, The Last Jedi is going to be released, featuring our favorite brooding emotional man-boy character, Kylo Ren, as portrayed by professional brooding man-boy, Adam Driver. 

In an interview to promote the film's release with Rolling Stone, Driver shared some insight on Kylo Ren, and his deep needs and emotions. But one thing Driver doesn't seem to get is why everyone else is perceiving Ren's mood swings as "emo." What does emo even mean, exactly?

Let's see.

This is him:

But he doesn't know what emo is? How is this possible? I mean, where was he in the mid-2000s when we were all having our emo phases? I absolutely refuse to believe that he wasn't proudly participating, listening to Dashboard Confessional and posting on Xanga. What is even happening?!

Anyway, here's the exact passage from the conversation:

Adam Driver has a question for me. "What," he asks, "is emo?"
Between training for the Marines and training at Juilliard to become one of his generation's most extraordinary actors, Driver missed some stuff, including entire music genres. But the rest of the world (including an amusing parody Twitter account) decided there's something distinctly emo about his character, with his luxuriant hair, black outfits and periodic temper tantrums. "You have someone who's being told that he's special his whole life," Driver says of his character, "and he can feel it. And he feels everything probably more intensely than the people around him, you know?"

Um, yeah. Exactly. Kylo Ren feels too much! He has EMOTIONS. He is E-MO-TION-AL! No one can believe that Driver somehow doesn't understand this concept already.

But Twitter is loving Driver's supposed ignorance:

If Driver doesn't know what emo is, maybe we should all just let the concept go entirely. He perfected it, then he killed it on the big screen.

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