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Source: getty

Doctor Accidentally Declares Newborn Infant Dead — And People Are Outraged


One of the most stressful times during my life was watching my wife go through labor during the birth of our first child. 

As much as I tried to keep cool and crack jokes and make her feel comfortable throughout the entire experience (I really didn't know how to handle it at all), I was definitely freaking out. So much so that I became an emotional void, and it burned me up that I couldn't feel anything. I can only imagine what my wife was experiencing during the entire ordeal, because there's no way I could ever understand what it's like to gestate a human being and undergo such excruciating pain, wondering and hoping the entire time both me and that kid are going to come out OK.

But I can fathom the horror this new mother felt when her doctor accidentally declared one of her babies was dead upon delivery.