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This Guy's 'Head Dent' Shows Why Wearing Sunscreen Is So Important



It's easy to forget how functional the hair on our head is. It's not just there to fashion or lament when it starts to thin out (thanks a lot, male pattern baldness). It also keeps you warm.

How many times have you gotten a fresh cut during the winter time and then felt inexplicably cold when you went outside? It gets me every single time.

I mean, it pretty much feels exactly like this. Minus Olaf in the background.

Another function of your hair is that it also helps protect the top of your head from getting horribly sunburned. Something that Twitter user @cadehuckabay discovered the hard way after he shaved his head and went out into the sun.

His photo series shows the extent of the damage that resulted in the infamous "head dent" that's now trending on Twitter.

Here he is to start, followed by how he looks after too much time in the sun without sunblock or a hat to protect his skin.

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Now he tries the poke...

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And boom. We have a dent, ladies and gentleman. That's so freaky and gross!

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People wanted to know just how in the heck this even happened in the first place.

His photos, of course, had people rolling.

While others shared their own horrifying sunburn experiences.

This person thought he didn't look so bad...

But he didn't want to hear any of that talk.

Sounds like the sun didn't just burn his head, but it burned his heart, too.

Of course some swelling and edema is the least of concerns you should have about repeated sun exposure without UV protection. It also puts you at risk of developing melanoma, which takes an estimated 9,320 lives each year. So laugh it up but then put on a hat and some SPF 30, folks!

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