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You've Probably Been Pouring Beer Wrong This Whole Time And It's Hurting You

You've Probably Been Pouring Beer Wrong This Whole Time And It's Hurting You
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Updated 7 months ago

There are some people who just don't know how to properly pour a glass of beer. 

For some reasons, politicians have a hard time finding out the right way to fill a mug. Here's Hillary Clinton with this awful cup that's practically just foam.

And who can forget Paul Ryan's despicable attempt at trying to ingratiate himself with Irish people on St. Patrick's day with this abysmal looking pint of Guinness. 


But as it turns out, a poorly poured cup of beer won't just make you want to cry from shame, it'll also make your stomach actually hurt. I'm talking real tummy aches here, people.

This beer sommelier demonstrates the perfect pour and explains that this technique allows the built up c02 in the beer to be properly released. A flat beer, like Ryan's, may cause your stomach to expand upon drinking. Not only bloating you, but maybe even giving you a terrible stomach pain in the process.

The fermentation process yields alcohol and carbon dioxide (c02). Many beer manufacturers "force carbonate" their beers prior to being bottled or kegged to help with flavor, fizziness, and scent.

It's a really involved process that's responsible for your beer tasting the way it is. Some brewers even change the gasses that they inject into their beers, like these peeps who brew nitro beers, infusing their fermented beverages with nitrogen instead of c02, and since nitrogren is more chemically stable than carbon, it alters the texture and flavor of the beer.

Twitter was absolutely stunned that so much science goes into beer bubbles, and that the way you pour your beer has such a big effect on your tummy.

I mean, we've all come across those beer snobs who wax on for hours about hops and appropriate levels of foam, but it turns out that they're not just being pretentious, there's a lot of merit to their beer obsession.

Think of all the times your stomach's been killing you after drinking and then eating something.

It may have all easily been avoided if you just poured the beer the right way.

It was a truly life changing revelation for some.

So that "professional pour" is done for a reason, and it doesn't just make you look cool and makes sure your glass doesn't overflow. It's there to make sure that you don't get bloated.

And if that belly bloat is keeping you away from pounding down brewskies, there are some steps you can take to make sure you keep that stomach rotundness to a minimum.

Like our sommelier above suggests, always pour your beer into a glass, the correct way and avoid drinking it straight from a bottle. Sure, it doesn't look as cool and getting a cup dirty that you now are responsible for cleaning is a commitment, but you don't want to walk around, bursting at the seams, do you?

What you eat before slurping down on a brewski makes a big difference, too.

Fruits and vegetables have wonderful digestive properties and can get the healthy bacteria in your tummy going. So if you can have a piece of fruit like an orange or apple or some berries or pineapple pieces before you drink, that'll help you better digest the beer and settle your stomach before you start drinking.

You may also want to try some light beers. Sure, they don't have as bold of a flavor as their heavier counterparts, but some of them aren't too bad. Did you know Guinness Draught is only 126 calories a can?

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If a stout beer isn't your thing, then Sam Adams light is a pretty darn good choice too.

And if you want a Corona imitation with a bit of flavor that won't mess up your gut, Bud Light Lime is delicious and only 116 calories a bottle.

Between perfect pours, smart beer selections, and optional gasses, you can beat belly bloat when drinking beer.

Or you could just do what I do and go straight for tequila.

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