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People Are Sharing Their Worst First Date Stories and They're as Bad as You Think



We've all had a disastrous first date. You're nervous, things go wrong, and everything gets super awkward. Jimmy Fallon decided to ask his viewers from the stories behind their awkward moments on Twitter using the hashtag #WorstFirstDate, and there are some real doozies out there.

Fallon started by sharing his own embarrassing moment. (And it turns out that he didn't even bother mentioning the time he went out with Nicole Kidman and didn't even realize they were on what she considered a date... Yikes). Instead he wrote, "I once tried to surprise my date by not telling her what restaurant we were going to. I accidentally picked the one she worked at."

That's a bad first date indeed. And from there, it got worse. Almost immediately, the flood gates had opened with horrible dates and dates that had gone terribly wrong. 

There was nothing decent on television... "As we were saying goodby, she thanked me for taking her to the movies and I said something like, 'Yeah, I didn't have anything else to do.'" At least this story had a happy ending, as he concluded his tweet, "Next month will be our third wedding anniversary." 

Another first date that ended with marriage: "On my first date with my now-wife, she walked into the restaurant and proceeded to walk around the whole place because she had forgotten what I looked like. I eventually waved her down after letting her walk and look around for five minutes." Five minutes!!!

These are gold. 



Must have been a Tinder date. 

Never meet the family on the first date. 


Enjoying your meal? 

And on last night's episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon decided to highlight some of his favorite entries from the hashtag.


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