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Journalists Are Being Offered a Cash Prize to Ask Trump This Hilarious Question



If you read the Black Panther comics growing up or watched the recent Civil War Marvel film, then you've probably heard of the fictional African country, Wakanda.

The thing is, though, not everyone knows the country is fake. Like the time British Airways thought the Mexican-Kenyon actress, Lupita Nyong'o, was from Wakanda.

She's not, obviously, because again, Wakanda isn't real.

But writer Sara Benincasa is banking on other people not knowing this little fact and is offering some cash to any journalist who asks President Trump, deadpan, how America's relations with Wakanda are looking.

She realizes that $300 might not be a lot, so she's welcoming other people to come in and sweeten the pot.

Heck, I offered to throw in some money to see such a ridiculous interaction transpire.

Benincasa divulged the inspiration behind her unique proposition: It all started with a tweet, like so many things do when it comes to Trump. 

She seems really serious about doing it, too.

And she even offered some tips on how to go about asking the question without arousing suspicion.

And she came up with worthwhile charities the money could go to, as well.

There are some stipulations to getting the cash, though.

Along with stipulations for those who pledged some cash.

She also highlighted just how big of a potential opportunity this could be.

Benincasa offered up some strategies of sneaking in a "Wakanda" in the question.

And even though they *mainly* tweeted about Wakanda as a joke, people are really hoping it happens.

I guess there's not a significant chance of Trump ever finding out about the WakandaGate plan, unless Fox News does a story on it? What do you think?

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