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Southerners Roast Brooklyn Food After Seeing A Sad BBQ Plate On Twitter

Southerners Roast Brooklyn Food After Seeing A Sad BBQ Plate On Twitter
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4 months ago

There were a lot of differences I noticed about Lone Star State compared to my hometown when I visited a little over a year ago but they all boiled down to the same theme: yes, everything is bigger in Texas. The highway lanes, the bridge overpasses, the homes, the greetings from strangers, and the food portions.

My God, the food portions. Pricey neighborhoods aside, I couldn't believe how I was able to cover meals for my whole family and a friend without breaking a sweat. Well, I did break a sweat, but only because of the copious amounts of beef I was consuming.

Apparently, reasonably-priced barbecue plates are prevalent in the south, and there are plenty of states, Texas included, that pride themselves on their BBQ largesse. Which is why southerners were simultaneously offended, amused, and a bit sympathetic to us northerners after taking one glance at this Brooklyn Barbecue plate. 

I've been to some Brooklyn barbecue spots and, compared to Texas, in terms of flavor, quantity, and price, they just don't compare, like at all.

All facts that Southerners are quick to point out.

And shame us with their glorious BBQ plates.

But then the memes started rolling it, and people started getting vicious, by sharing "other" Brooklyn cuisine photos.

People were going straight for the jugular.

I mean they brought Ned Flanders into it.

Yes, that is a nasty school lunch.

No culture's cuisine was sacred.

Doesn't change the fact that "Brooklyn" is in the meme, though.

I mean, they were even doing callbacks to the Fyre Festival.

The travesties just kept rolling in.

Canada was even thrown into the mix.

Yes, that is popcorn and ketchup.

The conversation even shifted away from food.

We all learned a very important lesson: don't come for southern BBQ. It won't end well for you.

Great, now I want some Stubb's.

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