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Source: paramount pictures

Guy Claims He Programmed A Robot To Write This Hilarious 'Transformers' Script


If you watch a lot of movies, then you start to notice that many films feel a bit formulaic - and that's because they are.

Well, at least lots of the scripts are. Because screenwriters generally only have about two hours, give or take, to tell a story, everything on the page needs to be justified. They can't be like George R.R. Martin writing paragraphs about the types of stuffed quail and sweet potatoes on the table of a grand meal. No, there's a stringent, 12-point outline that's generally used to pace a screenplay.

What happens, as a result, is that movies begin to feel a lot like each other, and that's something that studios are convinced that they want. Because if a movie feels like other movies then they can compare that film to another movie's box office results - so why fix something that isn't broken? If it's going to make you money, why should you go and try something entirely different, especially when you and a bunch of investors have dumped millions of dollars into an idea?