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Scientist Ivanka Is The Internet's Meme For When You Have No Idea What's Happening



Donald Trump is promoting an infrastructure initiative in Iowa, which is surprisingly not an evil plan to strip people of their civil rights. Great! He sent his most personable child to be the face of this plan: Ivanka Trump, his pride and joy.

Ivanka shared a little photo shoot from her visit, during which she put on a lab coat, some blue gloves, goggles, and was handed a few beakers to pour liquid back and forth. Unfortunately for Ivanka, it looks goofy as anything.

"Talking and Infrastructure in Iowa today! @realDonaldTrump’s initiative includes a robust plan to expand skills-focused learning to prepare the next generation of American workers for 21st century job opportunities," she shared alongside this hilariously posed photo.

But for the Internet, it was a gift! 

It didn't take long before people started joking about what exactly Ivanka was doing with that beaker.

One person wrote:

POOL REPORT: "students invited Ivanka Trump to help take a sample of vape juice used in e-cigarettes to test the nicotine content.
Trump put on a white lab coat, latex gloves and safety goggles before extracting vape juice with a pipette and then placing it in a glass beaker"

It looks a bit staged, perhaps?

Though some people found Ivanka's Try Hard face relatable:

But far more took this image and used it to mock her complicity with her dad:

Also Putin.

The image has of course sparked much creativity: 

This meme does give us the opportunity to revisit great science memes of the past. Actually, just one. This one of a penguin is the greatest science meme of all time:

Looking at that penguin, I'm actually glad for Ivanka, for once. 

Okay, it wore off.

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