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The Truth Behind This Guy's 'Full Disclosure' Comment On A Dating App Is Heartbreaking

The Truth Behind This Guy's 'Full Disclosure' Comment On A Dating App Is Heartbreaking
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4 months ago

Online dating can be tough, mostly because the majority of people who are pinging you seem to always look for a "quick fix." And from my experience, and from what a lot of my friends tell me, it's mostly guys who are already in relationships and looking to cheat.

I'd bet if you were to ask any woman who's used a dating app like Tinder for a prolonged period of time what the first thing that pops into their head is when a guy begins a sentence with "full disclosure," they're expecting him to say that they're married. 

In fact, a study once revealed that a third of people who use the app are already in a relationship, so the likelihood of that happening is fairly high (and it's not just men doing the fooling around).

So when Twitter user @CocktailAmma was getting into a back-and-forth with a dude on a dating app, and he dropped the "full disclosure" line before they actually met up, she assumed, like many people would, that he was already spoken for.

But as it turns out, the dude wasn't married. He didn't have a girlfriend. He wasn't fishing for a threesome. What he was disclosing wasn't that he already had feelings for someone else or that he wasn't in the right head space to have a serious relationship and was just looking for something casual.

In fact, what he had to say was heartbreakingly sweet.

The guy was worried that she wouldn't want to be with someone who was disabled.

She couldn't believe that such a great human being felt so self-conscious about a minor physical issue, and thought he was "damaged goods" as a result.

In case you're wondering whether or not she met up with him...she did.

And it sounds like the two of them hit it off big time.

People were calling their date the beginning of a storybook romance. Well, better than a storybook, it was something out of a Bollywood production.

Which, crazily enough, is very appropriate considering the be-smitten's line of work.

That's right, she might've just found a new story to pitch to studio executives.

An idea that Twitter was all for.

But more people were into the idea of her dating him.

I mean, that's great and all, but if I were her I'd feel weird if people were jumping to conclusions about my love life on Twitter. Then again, she put it out there, so naturally there's going to be some commentary on it.

It's not like she seems to mind though, and Mr. Full Disclosure sounds like he's taking the news well to boot.

This could be the start of something beautiful.

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