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This Guy's Brother Made Him The Perfect 'Magic' Resume



Looking for a job is a job in itself and you have to be an expert at so many things. Writing your cover letter, keeping your LinkedIn updated, scrubbing your social media for damning tweets, and have a sharp resume that catches a recruiter's eye. It can be a difficult balance to strike between something too flashy and something that will actually communicate the fact that you're a bonafide professional who deserves money in exchange for her labor. I mean, fair enough, right?

A man named Steven Case may have the most eye-catching resume ever made.

Twitter user @realytcracker (okay, bud) shared a picture of a resume he said he mocked up for his brother, Steven. Steven apparently hates it:

For some reason, he thinks this would make him unhireable?

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Let's take a closer look.

Steven is a Magician of Middle Managementry, and his bio is pretty straightforward:

"I am attempting to progress my character in-game and avoid spending more of my thirties grinding lower-level zones on Earth Server. My goal is to secure a challenging leadership role in a strong guild that has an active and intelligent player base."

Sounds reasonable.

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He also included a symbol for what I assume is a 20-sided die. Cool.

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Look at all the Skillpoint Proficiencies Steven has! Leadership, spell casting, Advanced Computing. 

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His Main Questline Experiences are pretty standard for his field.

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And finally, he has completed his costly, formalized edification.

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Honestly, it's perfect, especially if the person receiving it in HR is a Wizard.

Everyone agrees that this is the resume that will get Steven ahead, if he is brave enough to accept his destiny:

There was just a little constructive criticism:

Steven Case may not get hired off this email, but it seems like his brother might.

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