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You Won't Believe How Much These People Have Changed Since 2012

You Won't Believe How Much These People Have Changed Since 2012
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Updated 4 months ago

We all love a good Twitter hashtag that gives us an opportunity to show off how hot we are. The hashtag #2012vs2018 is the perfect combination of sexy selfies, TBTs, and showing how a little bit of work every day can make all the difference. In six years, that is.

Folks are showing off what they looked like in 2012, and where they're at now, and it's safe to say we have all mostly improved. 

Some folks has legit inspirational changes, like recovering from a long battle with illness:

While others just discovered fashion:

Or they stopped leaning into fashion quite so hard:

Some folks grew together as a coupleโ€”and sticking with it paid off.

Or they now know how to work a bold lip:

Make-up in general was transformative:


Maybe they just let their hair grow in:

Or found their look:

And gender expression:

For some people puberty just came knocking:

They learned hair care:

Including the eyebrows:

But many people just combined all these lessons:

One thing is clear. People have gotten a lot better at taking selfies in the last six years.

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