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This Guy Threw A Dinner Party With Only Food That Appeared On 'The Simpsons'



A writer named Tristin Hopper gleefully outed himself as a Simpsons-mega nerd when he shared his incredible dinner party on Twitter. Every item he served was from an episode of The Simpsons, and since most of the food items referred to on that show are jokes, it made for a very weird meal. Some might even say an inedible meal?

For example, there were 64 slices of American cheese. Simple enough.

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Then there was this meticulously cut sandwich named after Krusty the Clown, which is 9/10ths pig products: ham, sausage, bacon and a smear of mayonnaise.

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Next, we have this bag of irregular Oreos. (Editor's note: I hope he only took the damaged Oreos from the box and didn't laboriously break them apart.)

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Even though this isn't food you would necessarily really enjoy eating, one must admit there were at least several courses of it.

Nachos, Flanders style! That's just cucumbers with cottage cheese. Do you think anyone touched these? That photo alone is making me feel pretty unpleasant.

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Nuts and gum, together at last. 

I've gone my entire life in search of these! 

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Paul McCartney's really ripping lentil soup is actually a dish I'm curious about. What makes it Paul McCartney's? And what makes it "ripping"?

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If all of this food is making you thirsty, don't despair. There's a watered-down orange drink:

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And don't think you'd leave Tristin's dinner party without, at least, trying this dessert:

Marge's happy crackers:

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And some Red Tick Beer. No Duff.

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Though unappetizing, it is still all pretty incredible. But people still noticed a few missing items from The Simpsons' long, long history:

There are still so many more...

The Simpsons could inspire disgusting dinner parties for years and years to come. That's why it's classic television.

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