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Source: facebook

Mom Fed Up With Her Son's 'Entitled' Comments About Goodwill Store Makes Him Shop There


It's easy to criticize our parents for their shortcomings, and lord knows I can harp about a lot of things that my folks didn't get right, but I am thankful about one thing: knowing the value of a dollar.

I'm undeterred by sales and try not to spend money on useless stuff. I would rather blow my cash on experiences rather than things that are more than likely going to collect dust after a while. Me, along with my siblings, distrust the bloated prices of "designer" labels and falling for getting into a fad or name-brand clothing simply because we want to flex. I have my parents to thank for training that instinct in me from a very young age.

I'm not saying that there is something wrong with the finer things in life or being a snob, per se, just as long as you earn that snobbery and don't lord it over other people. A lesson that this mother wanted to teacher her son the hard way.