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People Can't Get Enough Of The Tricks This Artist Does With His Sculptures

People Can't Get Enough Of The Tricks This Artist Does With His Sculptures
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4 months ago

Art feeds the soul, expands your mind, and expresses deep-seated emotions. It's also just sometimes really freaking cool.

Artist Felix Semper makes sculptures out of thousands and thousands of paper sheets. Layered together they look like one thing, but when he stretches and plays with them, you can see all the components stretching out like an accordion:

Semper seems to delight in making sculptures that look like the real thing, but surprise you, like this giant shoe:

Or a delicious hamburger:

Honestly, I'd be mad about that one. 

A box of Frosted Flakes that turns out to be fake would also enrage me.

And this bag of Lays! Stop messing with me, dude, I need snacks!

But he also does less realistic stuff.

Like an extremely rich chicken:

Or Spongebob Squarepants:

What appears to be a rock:

Biggie Smalls, crown and all:

Some dude:

And who could forget the classic bull wearing a hat:

Semper tours with his art for his own solo shows, in exhibits, and frequently sets up on the street and in parks so he can show people what his art does. Guess most people have been trained not to pic artwork up and see if it can be taken apart, for some reason.

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6 hours ago