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Professor Brilliantly Trolls Student Who Was Looking At Her Phone In Class



My parents used to always say to me and my sister growing up that education was a priceless thing. In fact, whenever we wanted to buy a new toy or new clothes, Dad would be like, No but you can pick out a book if you so desire. So usually, we did that, and now I've matured into the kind of individual who writes words for a living. Thanks Dad, your bribes did come in handy (I think?).

You'd be surprised how many people pay thousands of dollars to attend college only to spend most of the lectures playing on their phone. To be fair, they're better than the people who don't even show up at all. But some professors and teachers have found clever ways to get students off their phones. 

Lizzy Smith, a journalism student at the University of Texas in Austin, apparently attempted to sneak her phone out during a lecture with one of her lecturers, Professor Donaldson. Within a few minutes of browsing Twitter, she received this...

An Airdrop of a meme from The Office from — who else? The professor who was giving the lecture. She probably thought she was being so sly and so sneaky looking at her phone "only to research a claim he mentioned earlier in class." Right

Unsurprisingly, this professor is Twitter's hero of the day. 

Professor Donaldson knows how to get his students to look away from their phones. And he isn't the only teacher who has had enough of their students screwing around. 

This teacher's attempt at getting revenge on two troublesome students is perfection...  

It's only fair...

These professors have just given up. 

Call them out, teach! 


Someone's had enough. 

Bless up. 


If only we could be so savage. 

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